Patient Testimonials

Patient, James

“Dr. Grigoryan is very skilled at what she does and always has a plan to solve whatever situation you have. She is always pleasant and cheerful, and her staff is nice and efficient.

“I was starting to have problems with a permanent lower bridge from an accident 40+ years earlier—two of the supporting teeth were going bad. Dr. Grigoryan came up with a great treatment plan that saved me lots of time and money.

“I got four implants and a new bridge. The new bridge is much better than my old one—my bite is better, and it has taken the stress off my upper teeth.”

—James, implant-supported bridge

Patient, Elizabeth

“I came to Dr. Grigoryan needing extensive reconstruction of my upper teeth. They were in very bad shape—brittle and in need of replacement. She worked closely with the implant surgeon to come up with a treatment plan, and even though my case was complex, they found a way to make sure I would be proud of my appearance and function of my teeth. I have improved confidence and better quality of life.

“Dr. Grigoryan is very easygoing and friendly. She goes out of her way to make her patients comfortable. She’s also knowledgeable and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Her staff is friendly—they treat me like family.”

—Elizabeth, dental implants

Patient, Ovsanna

“I hadn’t had the best teeth and lost a lot early in life. I was in dentures from a young age and suffered through the discomfort of that.

“Dr. Grigoryan was the first and only dentist—and I’ve seen many—to offer me the New Smile Today option. She assured me it would work great, and she was right! I’m so happy with the result and I can chew anything I want! And my new teeth look great! I’ve had them for three years, and I would never look back!

“Dr. Grigoryan is gentle, efficient and honest. She gives you all the information you need, delivers what she promises and gets things done in a timely fashion.”

—Ovsanna, New Smile TodayTM

Patient, Bryan

“Preferred Dental has done excellent work in providing care and guiding me to stabilizing my lingering issues. I had pain and decaying older work, as well as cavities that needed attention.

“I also appreciate that they were able to handle extractions without referring outside— but their recommendations, where needed, were also to excellent providers.

“Dr. Grigoryan explains options and costs upfront so there are no surprises later. I like that they always provide multiple reminders, and email confirmation of appointments, so it’s well documented. The practice is clean and professional with modern equipment.”

—Bryan, teeth replacement, cosmetic and restorative dentistryTM

Patient, Teresa

“I broke a tooth in the front of my mouth in early December. It was broken to the gums, and it looked terrible. I could not see myself singing on Christmas with a tooth missing in the front, so I went online, found Preferred Dental and gave them a call. They listened to my problem and suggested a solution. I met with Dr. Grigoryan, and she outlined the procedures. Dr. Jose extracted the remainder of the tooth and gave me an implant.

“On Christmas morning, I was all smiles as I sang ‘The Glory of God.’ ‘Silent Night’ will never be the same again.

“Thank you, Dr. Grigoryan and Dr. Jose. Thank you both for your dedication and for putting me first. You have demonstrated an act of true love and concern. I will always be truly grateful to each of you.”

—Lorraine, dental implant

Patient, Boris

“I’m very happy with the dental work. Dr. Grigoryan is fantastic—I like everything about her! The practice is clean and professional, and they are prompt.”

—Boris, New Teeth Today

What Other Dentists Say About Dr. Grigoryan

Dr. Saba

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Grigoryan for 15 years. We went to dental school together, and she was always at the top of our class. She has continued to take many continuing education courses to always be up to date on the latest in dentistry. Her dedication to learning and serving her patients is evident in how she takes the time to really listen to her patients and give them the best comprehensive treatment plan.

“I have had patients that have moved to Columbia, and I have referred them to her office; all of them have called and thanked me for introducing them to Dr. Grigoryan. They tell me they can truly trust her and know they are in good hands with her.”

—Sara Saba, DDS

Dr. Jarboe

“I have known Dr. Grigoryan for a number of years and have experienced her to be a caring and gentle doctor.

“Dr. Grigoryan’s keen attention to details when it comes to examining her patients is evident when she makes her referrals. Her patients like her and are knowledgeable about their dental needs. It is a pleasure to work with her!”

—Lina Jarboe, DDS

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