State-of-the-Art Dental Lab for Beautiful New Teeth

Dental lab technician
Dental lab owner Mark Choi uses sophisticated software to design exceptionally lifelike, custom teeth.

To create the new crowns, bridges and dentures that attach to their implants, Dr. Grigoryan partners with Infinia Dental, a local and extremely high-tech dental lab that produces dazzling new teeth.

Infinia Dental specializes in implants and digital dentistry. They use an all-digital workflow to eliminate guesswork and provide unparalleled accuracy. For New Smile TodayTM cases, lab owner Mark Choi and his team plan everything down to the millimeter on the computer so that they know the final teeth will look just right and function perfectly before making them.

Using the facial scan
The lab uses a full facial scanner to create a 3D model of the patient’s head and ensure that their new teeth will look amazing from every angle and fit together properly.

Mark’s desire to give every patient the best possible results is why he invests in the latest dental technology. His lab is filled with extremely advanced technology that few other labs have, including a full facial scanner. The facial scanner allows him to use 3D data of your entire face when planning the design of your new teeth. This ensures the best blend of function and aesthetics with the final teeth.

Using a shade guide to match tooth color
Mark uses a shade guide to perfectly match the color of new teeth to their neighbors for a natural-looking result.

Mark helps patients choose the perfect shape and shade for their implant-supported teeth. He is present at every important appointment to ensure everything his lab creates perfectly fits each patient’s wants and needs.

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