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New Smile Today Full-Arch Teeth Replacement

Gentle tooth extraction
Dr. Grigoryan explains how the New Smile Today procedure works.

People with a mouthful of broken-down teeth that are beyond saving, or who wear dentures, can get a full arch of beautiful new teeth in a one-day procedure with New Smile Today. This is a permanent solution that provides stable and durable teeth that look, feel and act just like natural teeth.

Thanks to the doctors’ use of advanced 3D technology and precise planning, the entire surgical procedure happens in a single visit, including extraction of any remaining teeth, placement of the implants and attachment of an attractive and functional temporary arch of new teeth.

What Is New Smile Today?

New Smile Today is a revolutionary full-arch teeth replacement procedure that restores health, function and beauty to your smile in just a few hours. Dr. Armine Grigoryan teams up with a board-certified periodontist who strategically places dental implants into the densest areas of your jawbone for ultimate stability. A set of highly aesthetic and lifelike new teeth is then attached to the implants.

Dental implants are placed in the areas of densest and highest bone volume for maximum support. The implants are often placed at an angle in order to make the best use of the available jawbone—this can prevent the need for bone grafting entirely!

FREE Exam and Consultation for Dental Implants and New Smile Today

Dental Implant Consultation

Dr. Grigoryan provides a thorough examination and friendly, informative consultation. Your appointment will include the following:

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Full-mouth X-rays and 3D CT scan
  • Meet with the doctor
  • Get all your questions answered
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3D CT Scanner
State-of-the-art 3D CT scanner allows the doctors to see your entire oral anatomy in a 360-degree view.

3D Planning for a Beautiful Outcome

Vital to the success of New Smile Today is the doctors’ use of the latest 3D technology to plan the procedure. A 3D CT scan is taken to get a clear view of your jaw, teeth and other oral structures for planning the implant placement. Doctor will also use surgical guides when placing the implants to ensure complete accuracy.

For the planning and creation of your new teeth, a high-end facial scanner is used to take a full 3D scan of your face. The scan is used to ensure the new teeth will look and function just right.

Nearly Everyone Is a Candidate

One of the best things about New Smile Today is that almost anyone can get it, even people who have suffered a great deal of bone loss in their jaw. Our CT scanner helps him identify areas of dense bone in which to place the implants, and the implants are strategically placed to take advantage of that bone. Because of this, New Smile Today affords the opportunity to completely bypass the need for bone grafting in almost every case.

Showing patient a 3D model of her face
Infinia Dental lab owner and Certified Dental Technician Mark Choi works a 3D model of how a patient's face will look.

Creation of the New Teeth

Dr. Grigoryan works closely with a high-end dental lab to design and create your new teeth. The lab technician will come to your appointments to make sure your new teeth will fit and look perfect.

You will receive temporary, but functional teeth on the day of your procedure. Once the implants have fully integrated with your jawbone, Dr. Grigoryan will attach the beautiful, durable and exceptionally lifelike final teeth.

Comfortable Care

Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we work hard to provide a relaxing environment where you can feel calm and comfortable while receiving your New Teeth Today. Our friendly doctors and staff take the time to explain the procedures involved ahead of time and make sure to answer all your questions so you can feel at ease. In addition, we offer comfort amenities, including pillows and blankets, relaxing, music and dental sedation.

To ensure you are completely relaxed during treatment, we offer oral or intravenous (IV) sedation. With oral sedation, you’ll take a sedative pill prior to your procedure, which reduces fear and anxiousness. IV sedation provides an even deeper relaxation as you are put into a sleep-like state that provides maximum comfort. Please note you will need someone to drive your to and from your appointment if you receive sedation.

Benefits of New Smile Today
Patients receive a beautiful new smile and can eat anything they want again.

Benefits of New Smile Today

New Smile Today allows patients to enjoy life with beautiful, stable teeth that don’t shift or move. Chewing power is restored and patients gain the ability to eat whatever they want.

Patient Testimonial - Boris

Real Patient Story

“I'm very happy with the dental work. Dr. Grigoyan is fantastic — I like everything about her! The practice is clean and professional, and they are promt”

—Boris, New Teeth Today

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